Dark fired cured tobacco leaf Packs comes in a resealable foiled pouch that can be used multiple times. ​Dark fire Cured Tobacco leaf also known as Red Herring leaf is a great hit in Jamaica and is a popular variety in other Caribbean islands. This leaf is ideal for anybody looking for a stronger leaf with a rich and bolder flavor.
The leaf has a very dark reddish-brown hue with a thick texture almost with an elastic feel to it.
These leaves are one of the darkest and largest varieties of fronto leaves available with a unique smoky scent. The distinct flavor is due to a unique fire curing process.
Traditionally used for chewing tobacco and snuff but the leaves are of premium quality and are considered to be almost wrapper grade.

All our fronto leaf packs are packaged fresh and only the best, grade A leaves are chosen to ensure maximum quality.
● Approximate size: 30” L x 14” W