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Our Goal

If you are interested in bulk tobacco leaf, you can trade directly from leaf express.

Our goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships, empowered by trust and integrity. We offer various tobacco grades and varieties. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

If you are interested in wholesale tobacco leaf, simply drop us an email or leave a message below and let’s chat about your needs!

Why use whole leaf tobacco?

Smoking whole leaf tobacco has been prevalent in many cultures across the world for centuries but has recently gained popularity among the masses. The recent spike in its demand is due to the fact that some people prefer it as it’s less processed but still flavorful without the use of additives at a much affordable price. Moreover, you can grind it when and how you want to create a perfect blend to give you the most fresh and smooth smoking experience.

If you are one of those who enjoys smoking only the finest quality cigars, rolling your own cigar will become your favorite pass time, allowing you to craft your own blends that are custom tailored to your personal palette.

At leaf express, it is our goal to cater to tobacco enthusiasts and meet their every possible need when it comes to smoking.

The use of whole leaf tobacco has become a trend on a global level, thanks to the online tobacco business. Whether you want to establish your retail business or looking for wholesale or want to create your own blend for recreational purposes, leaf express will be your favorite online source.

When using the whole leaf to roll your own tobacco products, you can customize the roll, ensuring a personalized end product every time.